A Revolutionary Idea in the Home Biz Marketplace

A Revolutionary Idea in the Home Biz Marketplace by Tim Flebbe Sr

As the internet has progressed and business opportunities have evolved their is a unique industry that has come full circle and become a viable solution for people wanting to earn extra income without needing to give up their job or make a huge sacrifice of their time or lifestyle. In fact it is so unintrusive into your current daily activities that it can become boring, some people have even told me they have to set an alarm clock to remind them to do the work. One downside to it though is that it can become addicting, every time you log into your site the money is always increasing and that is fun to watch.

Ok the industry I am referring to is revenue sharing opportunities, to be honest I just started getting involved with them in March of 2014. A good online friend, someone that I have known for a couple of years that is very successful in online marketing and multilevel marketing shared it with me. He gave me a link to some video information and it made such an impression on me that I dropped everything I was doing and went full into this. This industry has literally changed my life.

With that being said I only participate in companies that are referred to me by friends that are making money with a particular opportunity.

Can you imagine this? Clicking a mouse to view 10 ads and getting paid one hundred thousand dollars a year to do it. Can you?

Can you imagine making a full time income from home, no selling, no sponsoring no blogging no learning seo or what a long tailed keyword is?

How can a company pay like that? Well it’s simple really, in fact it is so simple you will want to step on your own toe, two times even because you did not think of it first. How does Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Youtube etc etc make money? They sell advertising. What do they do with the revenue from the sell of adspace? They take a portion of it and pay their operating expenses! They build large business complexes and buy corporate jets and all kinds of neat stuff like that.

The companies that provide advertising and a work from home opportunity? They take a portion of their revenue and pay it back to their members ie. you and me! The companies I am affiliated with take a big portion and pay it to it’s members! No huge business complexes no corporate jets no elaborate corporate shindigs etc etc.

If you would like a suggestion on where to get started CLICK HERE!